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Swedish technique that has the effect of eliminating tension
muscle, promote blood circulation
and lymphatic, eliminate toxins and allow
the body to regain its balance.

Deep tissue

This deep massage separates the fibers of your muscles to release toxins and release tension.


A gentle and slow manual therapy based on the internal movement of connective tissues (fascia) .By stimulating this internal natural flow, we reach a deep state of relaxation, pain relief, reduced stress and alleviation of ailments such as migraines and insomnia.

Prenatal treatment

This deeply restorative treatment is designed for expectant mothers to improve their sleep, reduce stress and relieve muscle fatigue.

Arnica massage

Merges the best of different traditional massage techniques. It also incorporates energetic approaches such as reiki, reflexology, therapeutic touch and aromatherapy. Arnica massage is the perfect union of therapy and relaxation ... a deeply satisfying massage with many benefits.

Head - Face and Neck

This massage is designed to reduce stress, relieve headaches and whiplash, improve sleep and drainage of the sinuses. Activating the circulation this allows the facial skin to regenerate better.


This healing massage stimulates energy pathways through reflex points on the feet and hands, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  • Plan your evening and weekend appointments in advance.

  • Receipt offered for your insurance.

  • All our treatments are offered according to the therapist's availability

  • Taxes are included in the price

Massage relaxant
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