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Fournitures de massage

The brand elapromed and its collection of complementary natural botanical extracts have been specifically created for spa specialists and naturopaths and their effectiveness has been clinically proven.


Acting literally as an electronic syringe, this advanced technology allows therapists to fill in fine lines, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, change pigmentation and even relieve pain. This technology offers the guaranteed results of traditional mesotherapy or micro-injections without pain, bruising or mobilization time.


Delivering results proven in clinical studies, elapromed and its complementary line of natural botanical compounds have been specifically created for spa therapist and naturopathic practitioners.


Virtually acting like an electronic syringe, this breakthrough technology enables the therapist to fill lines and reduce wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks and even relives pain. It provides the proven results offered with traditional massage Therapy and/or micro-needling without the painful injections, bruising or downtime.

The micro-current in the Stilo increases the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane, whilst creating additional water channels or “electropores” in the skin, allowing for properly charged cosmetics and/ or medicinal particles to enter subcutaneous tissue at controlled depths. This process, known as Electroporation, takes only a minute and the permeability lasts around 2 minutes before the stratum cornea’s natural protection properties reinstate.Using the Roll-On Attachment with the corresponding elapromed Compound, the preprogramed technology administers the active ingredients directly to the targeted depth in the skin, using the electropores as well as an opposite current, providing an Electro-repulsion effect, a common phenomenon witnessed when two magnets of the same polarity are placed together.


While the Stilo delivers current directly onto the skin with a steel tip, the Roller conducts the current to the skin via the active cosmeceutical compound being delivered. The technician alternates between the Stilo and the Roller frequently during the 25-to-30-minute treatment.As the chosen compound and the current to the Roller both have a positive charge, when they meet the ingredients are repulsed into the electropores and further attracted below the epidermis towards the negatively charged electrode positioned comfortably on the patients back.


The outcome after a 25-minute painless facial session is a thorough saturation of the targeted area with active and moisturizing compounds along with a general lifting, brightening and remoulding of the facial contours. To enhance the lifting and regenerating effects, the micro-current also provides a general stimulating and firming of the attached underlying facial muscles, further providing unequalled anti-aging benefits than offered by comparable technologies.

Before and after 1 treatment                                                    Before and after 4 treatments                                                    Before and after 1 treatment

Before and after 1 treatment                                                     Before and after 1 treatment                                                     Before and after 1 treatment

Before and after 1 treatment                                                     Before and after 4 treatments                                                    Before and after 1 treatment

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